How To Candle Gaze – Trataka Meditation Tips

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Candle gazing, or trataka meditation, is a great way to keep your mind focused, uncover psychic abilities, and stimulate creativity. If you are someone who has trouble clearing your mind while sitting in silence then maybe trataka is a good way to clear any thoughts invading your meditative space.

Start out with a candle. Any candle will do, even a small tea light candle. I found these are great to use while traveling. Once you light the candle set it down at eye level. If you are sitting on the ground maybe use some books or yoga blocks on top of the coffee table to assist in elevating the candle to eye level.

Next sit in a comfortable sitting position about 1-2 ft away from the candle. Easy pose, or crossed legs, is a great option for sitting.

I recommend starting with some breath work. Deeply inhale down through your belly and slowly exhale out through your nose. Take 8-10 long deep inhales and exhales. Once you have calmed the mind with your breath its time to start gazing.

While gazing at the candle focus on the very tip of the yellow flame. Do not stare at the base of the flame. You will want to have your eyes wider than usually and try to refrain from blinking if possible. Stare at the flame for 1 minute.

At the end of 1 minute cover your eyes with both hands, creating a little cup over each eye. Focus your vision toward your third eye chakra, the space between your eyebrows.

Take notice. What colors do your see? Can you see the flame? Does it start to change colors? Do this for two minutes.

On to the second round!

Open your eyes and stare at the flame for another 2 minutes. After two minutes, close your eyes and cover them with your hands. This time stay focused on your third eye for 3 minutes. Did the color change? Do you feel any different?

This is a short meditation that should be practiced before bed. Do not stare at the flame any longer than 3 minutes to protect your eyes. I recommend journaling any feelings or thoughts that come to mind in addition to any dreams you have that night.

Happy meditating!


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